My glorious list of fabulous illnesses

As I get diagnosed as time goes on, I will try to add them here.

Currently diagnosed with:

Hyperthyroidism (not hypo. Hyper is more rare and more serious)

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeSubtype 7 (More than just being tired or fatigued. It’s a fatigue not like something people will ever experience. I also have about 39 other symptoms as of which subtype 7 is associated. There are 7 different subtypes thus far & subtype 7 is the worst. This subtype is rare & life threatening. It has caused death. If it doesn’t kill you, you will wish it had. It’s been said by doctors and nurses and sufferers that it’s worse than end stage cancer or aids. But unfortunately, not enough attention is being paid to it by the medical community. It also may not kill you as cancer and aids do, leaving you to suffer more than end stage cancer for an entire lifetime. It has no remission. At all.)

Fibermyalgia – Severe form (My fibromyalgia is very severe. Any pressure to any part of my body, including sitting, laying down, clothes, sheets and blankets, hurts like hell. When my cats walk on me, it feels as though I am being stabbed over and over. This interferes with my sleep in a big way. It keeps me from getting any restful sleep, thus having been told by a neurologist that it’s basically as if I’ve never slept for many, many years. Try to imagine that.)

Sleep Apnea (Basically means that I stop breathing in my sleep. It can cause you to die if you can not get breathing again. Again, inferring with my ability to get restful sleep.)

More to follow… my infected tooth hurts and I need to take a break…


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