My most recent devolpment explained

***WARNING: Adult language used within this post as a comedic way to better explain my issue so people can understand. ALSO, anti-Trump analogy used herein. So, calm your tits and deal with it.

So, here is my current predicament…

I unfortunately developed my first cavity since I was a small child. Even though most of my teeth were rotted away, deteriorated and falling out, when I got to where I’m living at the moment, I didn’t have a single cavity. They had to basically drill down, what was left of the teeth, so I just had little pointed nubs. I looked like a freakish & frightening vampire of sorts. But then the doctors placed crowns, like little porcelain prefabricated teeth, like the gold ones you see in some musicians. But mine were less fancy and looked like real teeth! 

Note: I know most of you realize what crowns are but some people don’t, so I’m trying to explain it in terms so someone that has never had one, will know wtf I’m talking about. 

Anyway, moving on… I had almost a brand new smile and it made me feel proud to smile again. But, even through all that decay and grotesque state of my teeth, I didn’t have a single cavity. I never ate sweets which baffled the dentist and basically anyone who saw my overweight self.. You’d certainly think I ate a ton and that I probably ate a shitload of sweets but I actually didn’t care for them. My comfort food was chips and salsa.. not chocolate. This apparently made me an alien in most people’s mind.. but I’m weird and have always been out there and letting my freak flag fly. πŸ‘½

So, when I felt severe pain in my otherwise brilliant new 10k tooth display, I didn’t know wtf was going on. This was new to me. Not to mention, I had a horrid sinus infection that I was prone to, with the nasal pulps going on up there. Needless to say, I was a hot mess. I had gone to my doctor about my sinus infection and given antibiotics for it. Unfortunately, the antibiotics did absolutely nothing for my sinuses. Thus, finally got in to see my dentist about my tooth while having scheduled another doctors appointment for my sinuses.

This is where it gets interesting…

My dentist does my glamour shots photos of my otherwise beautiful smile 😁. Come to find out, I have my first cavity for 30 or so years. Not only that, but the roots of the tooth with the cavity, much like the roots of a tree, extended up into my sinuses. Apparently, my infected tooth was causing my sinus infection. Who woulda thunk, amirite? But here’s the catch.. the dentist said that he could not work on the tooth while my nose was so congested as they need to give me nitrous and I can’t breathe it in with a stuffy nose. However, my nose is congested because of the sinus infection that is present because of the tooth infection and my sinus infection is not going to clear up until my infected tooth is fixed and I can’t get it fixed until my sinus infection is cleared. Do you even understand the clusterfuck of which is my predicament? Needless to say, I left the dentist office with a giant question mark over my head and the severe pain of the tooth not being addressed. I’m seriously so fucking confused and frustrated and baffled by the whole thing. He told me to just take ibuprofen for the pain.. I mean.. are you serious? Perhaps you don’t understand the severity of my pain, that of which, is now causing me full face pain, my lymph nodes and additional pain when I so much as touch my jaw or neck. The pain is also severely amplified too because of my fibromyalgia. My root pain is no joke.

To make things worse… my throat and tonsils have now joined the party. Like that annoying person that wasn’t invited to the party but just decided to show up anyway but gets drunk as fuck and you don’t know how to go about getting them to leave and then they pass out and you draw dicks on their face. Well, maybe not the last part… but the rest is a decent analogy. 

Basically, I seriously can’t figure out how to get rid of my throat situation, that just came about suddenly. It is all due to this infected tooth, again. It’s beginning to dump toxins into my body like how Donald Trump is dumping his hate speech and infecting one citizen at a time in a rapid manner such as my tooth is doing to my body. Just like how Trump is dumping his hate speech and lies and ignorance onto the uneducated and spreading like the plague and you can’t figure out how to stop Trump, aka my bad tooth, from from infecting the rest of my body, aka the population of this country and won’t stop til you can stop the source of the douchebaggery clusterfucking shitfest aka my asshole of a tooth aka the asshole named Trump. #DumpTrump before he infects the minds of more people. Much like my tooth that needs some serious intervention before it infects the rest of my body. 

Well, with that tooth dumping toxins to my sinuses, to my throat, to my lymph nodes, to my tonsils and to my ears which seems to be a new problem emerging… I picture this infection to have the capability to enter my bloodstream and to travel to other, more serious, organs in my body such as my heart and lungs, etc. With my inability to fight off infections, due to my autoimmune disorders, I think it’s of the utmost importance to tackle this infected tooth asap.

This morning, I woke up around 6am, only to find that I had somehow pissed myself in my sleep. I’ve had issues with severe vertigo the past week, which is probably from my whole infection going on. I have never wet my bed before. Not even as a kid. I got up to run to the bathroom and found myself to still be pissing and I wasn’t pushing, I couldn’t even feel it. It was really weird. Whether related to my infection or not, it was definitely a new development that of which I find disturbing and disgusting. 

At this point, I think it’s of the utmost importance, that my tooth be addressed asap before it causes anymore destruction. Just like Donald Trump… πŸ’© 🚽 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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