People Magazine Investigates

Ok. I need to just vent for a second. 

The girl, Rachelle, on the most recent episode of People Magazine Investigates hits a personal note to me. I mean this in the sense that I write blogs. Blogs are a great vessel for releasing any animosity, pain or deep thoughts. They allow you to do this such as how artists and musicians do. I’m a song writer, poet and blogger. It more so prevents someone from acting out physically when something affects them negatively. Writing about it helps. It’s only when someone holds it in and doesn’t talk about it, that it festers inside them and builds and builds until they blow their top. THOSE are the types of people who you should worry about the most.

Case in point. The teenage girl on the program has a blog in which she vents her frustrations and upsets. It doesn’t make her a “murderer” because she expresses herself in a blog to vent frustrations. 

Granted I am only less than half way into the episode but I was frustrated because of her frustration and the complete ineptitude of the people being interviewed. So, I had to come blog my frustration so I’m not bottling it up. So, obviously, don’t come at me accusing me of anything. Blogging is healthy. Blogging about personal frustrations and sadness and madness and spite, it’s all healthy. 

So, just a recap.. 

Blogging = Healthy

Bottling everything up = Unhealthy

People are not what they appear to be to the outside world. They are quite the opposite. It’s the popular kids, the cheerleader or football players that are the ones to worry about. Not the goth kid. This is not an assumption, it’s the truth. The child molester is typically going to be a christian, a priest, the school teacher, etc. Beware of the unassuming man. He is not what you perceive.

Next, I want to touch base with people out there as I also could relate in another aspect. The interviewers go into the whole “she had a darker side because she wrote poems and blogged” “she started wearing black” “she wore a choker” “she painted her nails black” “so therefore she’s experimenting and pushing the limits”. My parents said the same exact things about me when i was a kid. They convinced themselves that i was evil because i wore black and listened to rock music. I chose to look that way but i was sweet, kind, giving, funny, inspirational. Even when I was about to become homeless with my dwindling bank account, I donated money to different charities at least every week. My parents however were church goers, always smiling while they were out, acting different than they really are. They are undeniably the most hateful, cruel, mean, judgmental people. Even when my sisters come visit, my parents turn into different people. They put on this face as if they’re happy, friendly and act like they care about my wellbeing in front of them. But as soon as the visitors are gone, their real face shows again. They yell, shout cruelties all day, they keep telling me i’m going to hell as well as homosexuals (though they will actually say it’s “ok” that someone beat and killed one). They sit there doing nothing when Angina hits me. When I’m curled up on the floor grasping my heart. They ignore it all together. I have neverunderstood it. I would never stoop to their level of hatred and fraud. I will continue to be that loving, caring individual that attends to others, be it my cats or charities, before attending to myself. I’ve housed homeless & abuse victims when I had no extra money to do so because that’s who I am. But i’m a goth, a punk, a riot grrrl on the outside and the inside. But what people perceive of those based on stereotypes which aren’t based in reality.. it’s what they relay in movies and a lot of religious people who know they’re terrible people but want to distract attention onto a seemingly harmless person who just likes wearing black. Their hateful, cruel and brutal book breeds hateful, cruel and brutal people who are brainwashed beyond repair and are looking to brainwash you too. Goths? Witches? Punks? We aren’t the enemy. You see us as you want to see us. Nothing Hollywood nor book of hate is true about us. This is why I’m having a hard time watching this episode and the absurd things being said about Rachelle. It does’t mean that she didn’t do it. But it doesn’t mean she did, either. Their narrative of her being goth, so evil in their eyes, is a moot point from uneducated fools.

Lastly, just because Rachelle didn’t act the way you think someone would act in response to the death of her mother, doesn’t make her a murderer. Everyone handles death, stress, etc in different ways. The way in which they suggested she was acting sounds more like someone being in shock and numb. 

So, as I stated previously.. I’m not even half way through the episode yet and maybe they did find a legit suspect in Rachelle. But at this point, the “suspect” behavior to those being interviewed, is ridiculous and unnerving. They’re never going to find the real murderer out if they continue on this path to absurdity and uneducated claims. They need to get into a different headspace. One that’s not centered upon irrelevant clues that have absolutely zero to do with this case. Once these people pull their heads out of their asses, they’ll catch the son of a bitch. 

edit: After all the accusations, the cops state “but she was out of town”… wtf?

Then they go back into accusations saying that she smoked pot occasionally. Seriously? I realize these cops up in Alaska don’t have a hell of a lot to do unless their village idiot is caught fucking bears but there’s got to be some qualifications for landing the job… right?

Edit 2: Now they’re looking at Rachelle’s boyfriend because they say, “he was going nowhere in life as he spent a lot of time playing video games”. He’s a teenage boy! That’s what they do! Jesus…

Then they go on to mention that Rachelle’s mom didn’t like her boyfriend… in what world is this relevant? No parents are typically fond of their kids boyfriend ffs.

Now they find it suspicious that Rachelle’s boyfriend was concerned upon hearing the news and offered to take her home.  

Uhoh guys.. we’re just being made aware that Rachelle and her boyfriend had sex. We made sure to  interrogate them about it for hours. So, that’s it guys. Case closed. Good job everyone. Nice detective work. Onto the next case!

Wow, People Magazine. Great job investigating guys. There’s moose shit in the woods. You guys need to get out there fast and find that moose for questioning. He seems very suspect! 

Edit: Jason and Brian state they were off drinking somewhere with no cell service while Rachelle is in Anchorage. The detective states, “I knew she was lying because how could she have called Jason if he didn’t have cell service!”. Well, Einstein… Let me attempt to explain to you how a phone works. She was in Anchorage and had cell service thus was able to make phone calls. Just because the guys were supposedly somewhere without cell coverage, doesn’t mean that no one in the world could have called them. I hope this is making sense to you. Perhaps an IQ test should be a requirement to be in law enforcement. 

Edit: Huh. I’m really surprised Brian did it. He looked very unassuming. Though, it does lead back to the point I made that the person that doesn’t look the part, is most likely the part. There are also limits to which one can be pushed until they break. Physical and sexual abuse victims tend to reach a breaking point. I suffered physical, sexual and mental abuse my entire life. I have a strong core inside me though. Not everyone is capable of rising above the abuse as I was and they can act on their broken core. 

The detective work on this case was terrible and I stand by all the points I made during watching the episode. Luckily for the cops, there’s only a handful of people in their town so they didn’t have that many suspects to sort through. I have some big brother friends such as Brian who will protect me to no end. However, they know how strong I am and kind hearted I am, thus wouldn’t do horrible things like Brian did. If I ever got wind of any of them even remotely considering something such as this, I would call the police on them myself.

I’ve had horrors cast against me my entire life.. but revenge makes you no better. Never get on their level. You can rise above.. even someone with no hope anymore given my situation, you can still rise above within your inner core and write a blog to get it all out so it doesn’t fester and find it in yourself to know you’re better than them and even when everything is grimm, you’re a beautiful person inside and that’s the only person you need. You don’t need other people, despite what others say. If they’re bad, let them be bad. Just walk away from those people. Karma will come around someday. But revenge? that is not nor never should be a route someone should take. Karma will come to them someday. Just brush them off and move on with your life. Again, NEVER ACT ON YOUR ABUSE TO THOSE GUILTY PARTIES. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT. It’s sad to know the conclusion of this situation. For those who think this is their only out, I hope you will find zen within yourself and instead of violence, learn to love yourself and fuck everyone else. Then just walk away.

NOTICE: I am in no way justifying nor condoning the actions of any of the individuals involved. My intentions are simply that label and image that people put upon people who look different and thinking goth people are evil. It’s absurd. I then simply delved into the shoddy police work and narrative by People Magazine. I don’t know if Rachelle’s mom really was violent with her. But I do know that kids don’t typically break and act out in this fashion unless some form of chronic abuse was occurring. I know that life in Alaska is probably the most boring, sad place for a teenager. Hell, I’m 4o and would rather live in a trash bin beyond a McDonalds. At least I’d have wifi there. I just find it hard to imagine that someone who seems so tormented as Rachelle, would be pushed this edge without having actual abuse occurring at home. So, they must be trying to pin this whole “but she wore black” bs to crucify goths. Being goth doesn’t make you kill people. Sorry. No justifying nor condoning what she did or didn’t do but I know it’s not because she’s goth. 


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