My New Conditions

I have been diagnosed recently with Osteoarthritis in both my neck and knees. With my knees, I’ve had nearly since I was born. This is because how my knees had been misaligned since birth and they never corrected themselves and my parents didn’t get them fixed. They continually dislocated probably over 100 times in my life. Every time it happens, they got more and more unstable. So, they’re not cute.

I also was officially diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my neck, as I stated. It’s apparently been very messed up for a very long time. That would lead to me having gotten the Osteoarthritis in it in my 30’s or possibly 20’s. 

To have Osteoarthritis this young, in either case, is rare as it usually happens in seniors 65+. 

So, I got that going for me…


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