Republicans Can’t Call Themselves “Pro-Life”

Republicans can’t call themselves Pro-Life and this is why…

1) Abortion – In regards to abortions, they are actually only Pro-Birth. After that baby is born, we don’t hear a peep from them. What happened to the “life” part? They need to step up and be responsible for the entirety of that babies life if they want to call themselves “pro-life”… otherwise, they are really only pro-birth.

2) Death Penalty – Republicans widely support the death penalty. This one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Anyone who is pro-death isn’t pro-life. 

3) Gun Rights – Nearly every Republican loves their guns. What were guns made for? To kill. Why would someone who is pro-life be so ‘up in arms’ to protect their right to kill? Time to face the fact that you’re not for ‘gun rights’ but being ‘gun righteous’. 

4) Hunting – The majority of Republicans love to hunt. Whether it’s for food or sport, it’s killing. If you’re in support of killing things, you really shouldn’t be calling yourself ‘pro-life’. Taking another life, whether it be a baby or an animal, isn’t it still murder to you? I’m pretty sure that animal is just as defenseless as a baby… or is murder only ok when Republicans do it? In addition, most people in this country don’t need to hunt for food… most everyone is in enough driving distance to a grocery store. So, using that as an excuse is pathetic. And let me just touch base on the heinous act of hunting for ‘sport’. Republicans that love killing so much that they’ve made a sport out of it is disgusting. Getting off on the fact they killed a defenseless animal for fun, then mounted it’s head on their wall like some barbarian. Do they not get how twisted that is? At least pro-choice people aren’t aborting for fun and hanging a mounted fetus on their wall. It’s time to admit that you’re unhinged and refrain from calling yourself ‘pro-life’ and while you’re at it, check yourself into a mental hospital.

5) Healthcare – Republicans are primarily the ones that want to take people’s healthcare away. Most for selfish reasons in that they don’t want to help others in need. The comments in which they spend telling sick people that we need to die because they don’t want to have to pay for us, is one of the most jarring realities I’ve come across. I am actually not exaggerating regarding the comments they make. I’ve been in their crosshairs lately what with the GOP trying everything in their power to take away healthcare from people like myself with pre-existing conditions. It’s already tough for us because this country is so far behind european countries in regards to healthcare. To have the GOP try to strip coverage or raise our premiums that would result in millions of Americans, including myself, not being able to get prescriptions that without we would die. If we can’t even refill our current prescriptions, the withdrawal symptoms alone will kill us. If you’re unaware of such things, google ‘withdrawal symptoms’ and see that many medications have withdrawal symptoms that include ‘death’. But with the comments I’ve been getting from Trump supporters over the past year+, that’s what they want to happen. And with the politicians in DC not actually ‘reading’ the healthcare bill before voting on it, this may soon result in just that. That pesky pro-life stance on healthcare in that they want us all to die. Because logic is hard.

6) Assisted suicide – Also known as Euthanasia (not the same as “youth in Asia” for the Trump supporters remaining willfully ignorant & can’t even get “they’re”, “there”, “their” or “your”, “you’re”, etc right). This is something that is apparently very difficult for people who have never suffered to understand. I am a firm supporter of assisted suicide and have been for a very long time. I never understood why people accused Dr Kevorkian of being this horrible person when he was a hero to me most of my life. He helped people to end their suffering & as someone who has suffered day in and day out, he subscribed to a noble cause. What I always had a difficult time understanding was that Republicans, and most people in general, believed wholeheartedly in euthanizing their pets to end their suffering. But when it came to their loved ones or anyone else, they found euthanizing them to be a heinous act that should be shunned and illegal. I grew up everyday wishing today to be my last because my suffering has been so terrible. Even if I lived in the North West again, the doctors still wouldn’t qualify me because I don’t have cancer or the like that would put an estimated death date on me. But where they aren’t getting it right there, is that someone such as myself has it worse. We are forced to live w/ the ‘quality of life’ as someone with end stage cancer but for what could be an entire life. An entire life of end stage cancer and we find ourselves being jealous of cancer patients because they either go into remission or they die. We can’t go into any remission type phase and we may have to live 80 or so years with the end stage cancer-esque quality of life. So, for me and others like me, even the current euthanasia laws in the North West U.S., don’t have it right. If they did have it right, people in my situation would be included. Otherwise, we will continue to envy those with an expiration date because the end to their suffering is in sight. And with us? We could have another 80 years to suffer and no laws to assist us in ending our suffering and no one is willing to hear our plea for help and our end will not come soon enough. Why are we not even considered by doctors? What about your supposed ‘loved ones’? The same people that I had to watch them euthanize nearly all their pets my entire life and hear their cries because they couldn’t handle their pet suffering and being in pain. Then in the next breath say how wrong it is to do to people. I have suffered so insanely for nearly my entire life watching my family shrugging off my symptoms and never ending pain but euthanzing our pets to end their suffering. So, why me? Why is watching me suffering something you’re ok with? Are you just a sociopath? It’s sick and twisted and I’m beginning to lose my mind over it. Republicans and probably most people are the same way my family is in regards to this. Why is it that people like me are forced to suffer but your pet nor your relative with end stage cancer is ok to euthanize? So, you’re pro-life only when it comes to making someone suffer for an entire lifetime? Is that really what you think ‘god’ wants? I cannot subscribe to your kind of ‘god’ then. 

7) Military – This one will bring me some heat and bring controversy but I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth and delusional people really need to hear this. Only unhinged, wanna-be murderers join the military. Meaning, the military is the only way someone can murder a mass number of people legally and come home and be called a hero for it. It’s sick and twisted. If you’ve ever met someone in the military or that used to be, it is glaringly obvious how insanely unhinged they are. Sure, people want to call it PTSD but these people were like this before they joined. I have PTSD and that’s not what they have. Any sort of justification you want to make in their defense is on you, but neither you nor them should be calling yourselves pro-life in any sense of the term. You’re delusional and unhinged and should have checked yourselves into a mental hospital before you went off performing mass murder or you’re giving someone a damn medal for it. Just another thing that pro-lifers support that involve death rendering their ‘gospel’ of pro-life to be the opposite of what they preach.

The pro-life people need to reassess their lives and belief systems. I’m not buying what you’re selling and wouldn’t even if it was free. Something that I know I’m not (free).

Note: I will somewhat apologize for the snark I took on certain stances here. I have been sick 24/7/365 for nearly my entire life (somewhere around 40 years). I am bitter and annoyed and don’t have time to beat around the bush and I refuse to ‘fluff’ my entries on this blog. I don’t sugarcoat shit. I haven’t the time nor patience.


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