Everyone probably thinks that their “loved ones” would be there & care for them if they became gravely ill because.. they love you unconditionally, right?  Wrong. In reality, no one actually cares. They can’t be bothered with your sick ass interrupting & complicating their seemingly happy, healthy life. Some, quite frankly, just outright loathe your… Continue reading

What does it mean to be a strong woman? Is it someone who triumphed in the face of diversity? And what does that even mean? I mean.. it’s easy to fight for something; to fight through something, if you have something to fight for; someone that supports you & encourages you; a chance to overcome.… Continue reading

I’ve had pneumonia for the past week or so. The day’s run together like streams converging into one another.. so, I can’t be certain of how long. But it’s nothing new to me. I get pneumonia at least once a year. Though, they do vary in severity. My worst case was several years ago &… Continue reading