Everyone probably thinks that their “loved ones” would be there & care for them if they became gravely ill because.. they love you unconditionally, right?  Wrong. In reality, no one actually cares. They can’t be bothered with your sick ass interrupting & complicating their seemingly happy, healthy life. Some, quite frankly, just outright loathe your… Continue reading

What does it mean to be a strong woman? Is it someone who triumphed in the face of diversity? And what does that even mean? I mean.. it’s easy to fight for something; to fight through something, if you have something to fight for; someone that supports you & encourages you; a chance to overcome.… Continue reading

I’ve had pneumonia for the past week or so. The day’s run together like streams converging into one another.. so, I can’t be certain of how long. But it’s nothing new to me. I get pneumonia at least once a year. Though, they do vary in severity. My worst case was several years ago &… Continue reading

I have a “shit list”, as some may call it. You know, a list of people who have severely wronged you. It is a very short list but you don’t want to ever be on it. Given my calm, zen & sweet nature.. It takes a lot to end up on this list. These are… Continue reading

Just a quick note to you “normies” (aka healthy peeps): Complaining to people, such as myself, that have been unfortunate enough in life to ridden for the rest of their lives with horrid debilitating chronic illnesses.. is probably something you should attempt to not do. I’m sorry you had to get up early for work… Continue reading

I find it fascinating that we schedule doctors appointments for a given time yet once we get there, we have to wait at least an hour before the nurse comes to get us. Then, once we’re brought into the little room with shitty, torn & outdated magazines and told the doctor will be in soon.… Continue reading